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You want to know how much it costs?

We would be happy to answer that question, but all custom projects has a custom prices. To provide you with a price, we need to know some basics about your project:

type of project (new business, website, redesign, mobile app, print design, etc)
- your goals
- your main product/service
- target audience
- in-house materials
- project budget
- project specification (needs, functionalities)
- similar projects if exist based on your research
- desired launch date

What You Need

It seems some people think that online systems or IT development is a simple and easy. To do this you need a copywriter, graphic designer, programmer, marketing strategist, business manager, sales person, and IT professionals. How much would you expect that such team cost? With EcommEarth you are hiring a skilled, experienced, educated specialist for a fraction of the full-time cost.

We know what it takes to develop a successful website. It takes time, knowledge and dedication. If someone offers to build you a site for less than 5,000CHF it is a clear indication they are inexperienced and do not have the system or understand how much time is required.

You want to know how much it costs, right?

Sales team that works 24 hour a day and appears in front of interested buyers at the very moment they want to purchase on any device? No other form of sales & marketing comes close to the Return On Investment (ROI) of a properly developed website,system or mobile application:

- SALESPERSON 60,000-200,000 annual cost
- PRINT AD CAMPAIGN 8,000-100,000+ annual cost
- DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGN 6,000-120,000+ annual cost
- YELLOW PAGES 4,000-200,000+ annual cost
- WEBSITE one-time investment of 5,000-30,000+

Today's buyer goes to search engines first. They check you and your products first, so your look and online / mobile presence counts.

Before you decide to build your website yourself or hire a low-cost developer, consider the lifetime return of what will be your organization's most visible communication tool.


Ever notice that you didn't know what you didn't know until it's too late? You're not alone. We have conducted an alarming number of "website rescues" lately. Stuck website owners contact us begging for help. We're always happy to help, but we are frustrated to see so many people taken advantage of, or forced into a bad situation. If you are considering a low-cost provider, consider these real-life stories of what happened to others who made that poor decision:

Blacklisted by AntiSpamSystems

Big Accounting corporation was blacklisted because of unpropper outbound server configuration and massive databases for email blasts. We solved the blockage and managed to bring back the reputation of the primary domain. After using our platform for campaign and interaction management the open rate is 3 times bigger.

Daughter's Boyfriend's Friend Can Built the Site

Imagine one man band, without backup or support. Would you trust your digital presence to such provider. The power of team inside development with 24/7 support, global infrastructure and experts with track record are completely different option. For serious results your approach should be serious.

Bandwidth Exceeded

A local rescue provider had a three-page website. Because it served a very small geographic radius and had virtually zero content, it would never consume excessive bandwidth. Yet, the site would disappear for about 20 days every month, showing only a "bandwidth limit had been exceeded" notice. The web developer didn't know how to fix the problem. We migrated the site to our servers and has since developed a new site.

Do-It-Yourself Disaster

A cabinetry company tried two different "make your own website" resources online. Both resources promised "design it your way" and "easy to use" and "free support." The cabinetry company left both resources disappointed. They discovered that "design it your way" meant "change the color of the header" but did not mean "embed your logo in the header." "Easy to use" meant "click on a confusing path of five screens to make a simple change." "Free support" meant "use an online form and wait 24-72 hours for a response, or call and wait on hold for an hour." They finally gave up on DIY and committed to paying a professional to get the job done.